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Wow its been three years and im still here dailyish...don't hold me to this please....! !^_^/Okay so it may have taken two years but i edited some of the more dated things...ps i love you and all the Chloe/Kuro/Illya haters can just leave now.

I am a anime sci-fi and romance fan! I'm almost always happy except when im sad. Then I watch abridged series on youtube and im ok. 

I'm inspired by Serial Experiments, Chaos Head to think outside the box however I really enjoy the art style of xxxholic. I collect both anime, manga, and artist proofs and have a small room devoted to this. 

How I rate my anime in order of importance is:

1.Do I find the artwork attractive or unique.

2.Is there a character that I can identify with and support

3. Does the plot appeal to my mood

4.Is the main character a spineless pussy-5 immediatly

5.Is the opening theme appealing or something I want on my ipod

6. Is there a magical loli +pomf 

I work on computers for my food and watch anime/ read manga for the entertainment and as a hobby. Call of duty(HatsuneMiku169) for PS3/Ps4 though i don't play much anymore on Ps3, is also my pastime with hyperdiemnsion, and tennis(I know an actual sport how weird).

My favorite new anime isand since I now live in Loli Hentai Peninsula I don't negotiate

Its My nekosThe character I currently feel like I personify this month is Illya Swimsuitイリヤスフィール・フォン・アインツベルン becasue I believe deep down we are all magical loli's. Also wtf is season 4 for this show at this point, I'm more excited for anything Watanabe or Gen Urobuchi creates. But, I'm willing to try new things. Except great new kids game Nekopara is too...jk I love my nekos.

バルス! !Looking forward to some new series Summer 2016. I've watched more shows than I can shake a fist at. If anyone wants to discuss anything i'll be here...most of the time when not working!

On a more serious note I love my Jack Russel, and alot of literature specially Bret Easton Ellis. 

<div>P.S. I'm scared of the outside world and I think their watching me!</div>

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Sewn Nov 21, 2016

Thanks for following me, I'm following you back now. xx

TitanLavi Mar 19, 2016

I Like your anime choices ^_^ have a pretty unique selection. 

Dragonboy543 Mar 17, 2016

LOL i click on that photo you sent me in my class. no harm done. it was actually kinda hot XD

Dragonboy543 Mar 16, 2016

your welcome and do me a favor and tell the rest of his friends for me. please?

TitanLavi Mar 16, 2016

Your profile is quite interesting !