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Funari Jun 1, 2012

True words, and some of it is probably precisely due me comparing him to the rest of the cast who suck enough to make anyone seem like a shining beacon of hope, but also did think he was alright in his own right. Could sympathize with the bullied guy who tries to be evil but just can't do it, not to mention I think he was still less of a pervert than a good bunch of people in non-SnQ series... also, I think the short time he spent interacting with Tomo brought something NOT completely worthless out of her. Too bad they didn't take that any further and ended up using Tomo as a container for the Grail Tits for the rest of the season, though.

(By contrast, the biggest reason one of the biggest reasons I loathe Katja was that she reduced females with at least some kind of character to helpless, drooling vegetables only capable of chanting "Katja-sama". Way to develop character, champs.)

coffeebreath Mar 20, 2012

I very much agree with you regarding Penguindrum. It seems last year threw up Madoka, then shifted gears again with Steins;Gate, and pretty much dropped an h-bomb with Penguindrum. In terms of hype and complex plots anyway. Though Penguindrum never got any true hype! But if it did the hype would have been well-deserved. Funny how that always works out. I can't wait to rewatch the whole thing, definitely a secondary viewing required. Though I am yet to even watch Utena! It's like the one itching series I have now that I keep saying to myself "ok next thing I am watching is Utena!"... but I'll get there. Penguindrum is just the whole package though, the series resonated with me so much. You're near the end! Enjoy!

coffeebreath Mar 18, 2012

You're right, in terms of general quality I do feel Chihayafuru should be rated higher than Ano Natsu but I just damn prefer watching Ano Natsu over Chihayafuru. The karuta side of things isn't bad, but the whole thing is too oversentimental for me, and Chihaya is annoying to watch. Ano Natsu has its own mess of cliches and, again, I really find the main characters a bore to watch, but I love the character interaction and especially the situation involving Kanna. The whole alien twist is terrible though, but at least it gives us the weird, cute, but useless Rinon to be amused by.

Also, those were my prelim ratings at about halfway through! Though I really can't see myself giving Chihayafuru more than 3.5 at the end. We shall have to see! I think both have been equally disappointing to be fair. Chihayafuru seems like it is going to need a second season, and if it can pull off a long interesting arc involving Arata x Taichi x Chihaya then I can be won yet! That episode where Taichi and Chihaya went to visit Arata (ep 6/7 maybe?) and try to get him back into karuta was just so damn good! Ano Natsu is probably going to have a rushed ending and just be a pretty average show, but Chihaya could still be really good. It's just unfortunate that I prefer to watch awkward tensions involving unrequited love triangles over feel-good self-affirming moments of sheer determination to be the best at competitive hobby x or y. I got that in Bakuman which I finished before Chihayafuru aired so I feel a bit cheated. 

What have you been thinking about both of them then? Do you like Chihaya as a character? I mean, that's really causing a bias shift for me to be honest.

p.s. I hope you are enjoying Penguindrum and will try to jump on that buddy group for Brother, Dear Brother when you guys get to the midpoint I'm at. It's got to be one hell of a ride by the end.

JAhU Mar 18, 2012

Hi there,

You've got a nice avatar there. Is it from any particular anime or manga?

LinkSword Feb 25, 2012

Yeah. It'd better be true that it's ending in a few weeks because my brain can't take much more awesomeness than this.