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Joonasu Oct 6, 2012

Alright, thanks for the clarification.

Nicknames Oct 3, 2012

You're welcome, and thanks for adding me =D

Funari Jun 3, 2012

Hey! I'd like to point out that the Prismriver sisters are very sweet and lovable. ...Okay, Lyrica's a bit less sweet, but... Oh, well, design-wise they're probably my joint #4 out of all Touhou after Yuuka, Komachi and Kanako.

Funari Jun 2, 2012

Perfectly valid points by you, can very well understand why you'd hate the guy... I just couldn't bring myself to do so due to him being so utterly failtastic at being evil both attitude-wise and achievement-wise.

Oh, and seeing as your lists are somewhat smaller, could also be worth a mention that while it clutters up my lists, I still like issuing <3:s and </3:s pretty liberally since it'd seem like a bit of a waste to not use all these characters input here. So getting a heart one way or the other from me isn't really too difficult...

Could use a scale like "love/like/dislike/hate" to differentiate a bit between characters I find pleasant/distasteful and the ones I really love/want to stab the screen whenever they appear, though. Or character lists.

Kari5 Jun 1, 2012

Actually, I'm using my wont read list to store 1 volume yaoi/shounen ai series that I plan on reading (to add the characters). So actually, those titles are carefully being stored to read later <3