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NarkyOtic says...

I shall attempt to stem your hurty-feelyness as soon as inhumanly possible, TJ. JoJo is indeed on the horizon of impending viewing awesomeness. Promise. ^_^

Mar 24, 2013
NarkyOtic says...

And, as ever, many thanks to you, esteemed TJ. <3

Mar 2, 2013
NarkyOtic says...

I think there's a market for that, TJ. Thanks for making me the poster-girl for crotch stain remover <3

Feb 28, 2013
NarkyOtic says...

Three skills in one? I sound like a mighty impressive multi-action shampoo. Yay! 

Feb 27, 2013
NarkyOtic says...

What are you saying TJ? I'm not cruel, I'm tiresome and mildly entertaining. ^_^

Feb 25, 2013