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Kailenrulzu Aug 10, 2014

oh im not sure if you have any power over added characters to manga series but i have submitted a few for Special Martial Arts Extreme Hell Private High School and they haven't been added i mean i don't want to add them again but im at a loss if i did something wrong or i just have to wait cuase this site is awsome as hell btw and i like to try to contribute to sites i use ferquently to make them look nicer or crisper. Thanks for your time. 

Sianeka Apr 25, 2014

You also have Jotaro claimed. And Dio as a claim as well. *smile*

Sianeka Apr 25, 2014

I really like your JoJo avatar!

Kailenrulzu Mar 3, 2014

They need to step up thier game in translating T.T i can't read Korean.

HighTemplar Mar 3, 2014

Hi HasseRovdjur!

I just sent a private message to you in the forum with a few things I would like to discuss with a mod...

I hope you do not mind reading and replying it.