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TheMajor5 says...

Let me give a different take on Innocence.  From the looks of it, the visuals may be very unique but they seem way out of the franchise for me.  Like, overall through the series and all movies, i would say the animation has been true in each and overall the same.  Then comes along this movie that appears like a totally different making.  get what im saying?  Well i should not really be judging it since i haven't seen it.  Innocence, to me, is one those animes I want to watch because it is part of my favorite series yet i will never look forward to watching it.  Thus i will probably never watch it.  I mean, Motoko looks like a totally different being, her look is inconceivable!

Err my mistake, I did not know how else to put the "hardly no other series" bit.  So basically, like you said, you don't stick with one genre and explore many others through multiple series?  I understand the fact of wanting to watch short series.  I have watched a few myself and sometimes i just want something simple, like a 6 part series or something.  If you heard the story was incredible, would you even consider getting into the series?  Example (One Piece).  Though most series with many episodes are shounen and really popular, hence the long running.  So then, do you just stay away from popular series and find the "hidden gems"? 

Ahh i see.  My list doesn't seem that daunting either.  As much as i enjoy anime, im glad to have accumulated a nice list which looks promising.  Though i take my sweet time with watching some series, unless it is extremely impressive.  If so then it only takes me a few days to power through it. 

LMfao, just saw this, was thinking about the anime when i wrote about a 6 part series above, but Apos is on your hate list.  I was pissed when i saw that he was a......half breed.

Oct 12, 2010
TheMajor5 says...

Never read the manga.  Though i did try at one point but it was basically the equivalent to read a book with no pictures.  I mean i dont mind books at times, but that is not what i wanted.  It was not real appealing to me like the anime was.  The anime was genius.  Especially the 2nd gig, that was by far my favorite one.  Though there were some high crimes in the first one that were very cool.  Great series overall. AS for the movies, the 1st one is a classic.  Can not go wrong with it.  Never saw the second one.  I have this inner feeling that it will ruin ghost in the shell if i watch it.  Ill still be a huge fan of the series, but the movie wont live up to what i have labeled GITS already.  AS for the 3rd move GITS: SSS that was a sweet movie.  Very well played out and still through a couple loops in there.

Yeha i figured you watched many movies and hardly no series.  I can see your view on long series.  There are to many things that can go wrong in a series for one to be disappointed with it.  Liek maybe the ending will suck and you wasted all that fucking time.  I have watched idk around 60 movies out of my count.  Movies just go faster and you still have a good plot and fond characters, if the movie is a good experience.  Sometimes a series is daunting but a movie you can watch on a whim and it wont take long.   SO i feel ya on that.

though i dont think your watch list i big enough.  Think you'll ever get around to denting the big list?

Oct 11, 2010
TheMajor5 says...

Motoko Kusanagi fans UNITE.  Sw your sig in forums and thought to comment about it here.  Looks to be Motoko, i think ive seen the pic b4 but it looks sweet in a sig type form.  She is a badass female for sure.

Also, you have watched the same amount of anime yet only...3 weeks O_O.  well i looked and there is alot of specials and such and hardly no episode count i guess.  It looked funny when i first saw it.  till next time.

Oct 10, 2010
Richis says...

Nice avatar & good taste

Jul 30, 2010
MINItheFox says...

It sure is :D

I have added you as a friend ^.^

Jul 5, 2010