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TheMajor5 Oct 20, 2010

Ah to promote more views i see.  Then do they provide a list you choose from and watch shows from said list?  Watching 6-7 shows at a time is about as much as ill watch.  I always finish one that should can be finished b4 i go onto another series.  Makes more sense like that.  But like i said, you will thoroughly enjoy those classics.

TheMajor5 Oct 18, 2010

Monthly Marathon?  Not sure what this is exactly. 

As for Gits episodes, i agree, you really can't choose between them all.  Each episode has something the other does not and, like i said, i can't really choose, i just gave it my best shot.  Though the eps you named are pretty good.  Aramaki can be the leader when the time calls for it.  He always has some back up plan, like the one ep in the 1st series where they are stuck in a bank i think,  and he and someone else go through a sewer or something.  Memory is real vague but it is something alone those lines.  Eraser seems a little bit fuzzy.  Can't remember it either T_T.

Good to hear the soundtrack is at least decent.  Im a huge fan of GITS OST.  In all the anime i've seen, i have yet to hear a more tantalizing soundtrack in any other anime.  I mean, the soundtrack in Gits completely lays down the right atmosphere. 

Not sure on the pleasing meter how high Hakusho being on your LONG want to watch list gets, but at least you will consider it for a brief moment as you are searching through your list.  Anyways i understand, i to like to finish what's on my plate before i go back for more.  though, just like Hakusho, you have some other series that should be watched soon.  I believe i saw Trigun, Wolfs Rain, and Outlaw Star on your list.  Those anime are really fulfilling.  They are not legends for no reason. 

Yiju Oct 17, 2010

I saw your comment about watching Yu Yu Hakusho on TheMajor5's profile.. Just wanting to let you know it's a REALLY great watch. Saw it when I was kid and it was amazing. I'm re-watching it actually right now. It's worth it. I love the characters. It's old, but loveable.

TheMajor5 Oct 16, 2010

Ill say it once like i did to another person, Work + college suck ass!

You have not really convinced me to watch this movie but since i don't take much convincing, i may have to break out of my protected shell and face the unknown that is, innocence.  Though on a different yet related subject, what is your fav episode of GITS?  To be honest i have 2, and one is poker face i believe, where the episode tells the story of how the sniper, Saito, first became part of the team.  Another great episode is the one where they hide cocaine in the lil toy animals and in that episode, Motoko offers sex to a boy who is is curious about her having sex if she is a robot.  Will never forget that scene.  Now that i think about it, i really like all the episodes in the 2nd gig.  Kuze is just a great protagonist.

Hakusho has influenced much of the anime we know today.  It really influenced bleach, some claim bleach copies Hakusho to much, and it even influenced Naruto.  I'm sure it also impacted many other animes as well.  I mean, Hakusho's main arc is a tournament and then from their the arcs are built based on defeating a strong guy then moving onto an even stronger villian.   Dbz and Hakusho are closely related in that aspect.  Reminds me of kenshin now that i think about it.  But nonetheless, it is simply classic.  Greta fights and witty humor throughout the entire anime.  Also great dub and it stays true to the characters the entire time.   It may seem long but it goes by real quick. 

TheMajor5 Oct 13, 2010

So then you agree with me Motoko's character does her injustice? Well if its about Batou......I may have a change of heart but doubt it.  I'm just to accustomed to the series design that i don't see how i could like Innocence's unfamiliar design.

Ha, indeed they wont disappear ever.  I give you that.  Though Kenshin is a pretty great series.  When i watched it, i had the feeling that this anime could appeal to multiple different people.  It has many different genres and pretty much has just about everything awesome.  I forgot about Kenshin honestly though, it is about 90 eps if i remember.  Also another one to consider is Yu Yu Hakusho.  That anime is about 112 eps.  Yu Yu Hakusho is a classic.  There are a lot of girls who even like the series.  I used to think kenshin was better but after just recently watching Hakusho, I'm not so sure anymore.

As I've learned, these unknown series tend to be rather surprising in quality.  Like i just watched Planetes and it was simply brilliant.  The story was phenomenal.  I could not believe i never heard of the series before and was shocked to see the count was rather low for such a good series.  There are some surprisingly good series out there.  Though i have a hard time with 12 ep shows.  Like i don't think it's quite enough.  Now 26 ep is almost perfect for me.  There is usually a great story and plenty of character depth to satisfy my needs in 26 parter.

The ending to Mnemosyne was rather plain.  When i think about it though, there really was no "plot" to the anime so technically there was no proper way to end it.  The anime was just one big angels vs immortals face off and who could kill who.  Aside form the face off, you had torture and sexual content and there is the story.  Having said that, the ending did not bother me really.  The series was satisfying enough i did not really even think about the ending i was so ecstatic about all the chaos.  I mean, i could not believe when Rin went through a FUCKING plane engine.  Yes she is immortal but i did not think even she could survive that.   She lost her memory because of it but it was awesome.  Just an awesome anime.

Also cool to see ya like manga.  Grant it, it's not much but its cool.  Berserk, good man for reading that.  Also Franken Fran is a pretty goofy series.