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dakotasapphire Oct 23, 2010

wasssup ? i like your profile

TheMajor5 Oct 23, 2010

ah, so basically the trial to become Gen-Kai's student was to slow.  I guess in terms of pacing, killed would be a bit to strong sounding.  Because, like i said, i thought it did prety good. 

Bwhhahahahaha yeah in Yu Yu Hakusho, there really is not much in terms of depth when it comes to the plot.  Hakusho is a lot like DBZ in that aspect.  You never learned much about anything, you just were a witness to the incredible battles and massive powers.  The only character development you have would be learning about Yusuke's ancestor, which is badass, and watching him grow in spirit power.  The plot, well it can be summed up in a couple words. LOL  Since everything is on the back burner, expect brilliant 90's fights.  Such a worthy anime when it comes to senseless fighting.

HAHAHA yeah i know it is such a stereotypical 90's anime.  I was pointing out.  The music i don't remember much about if there was much at all.  Animation, don't tell you don't care for it?  I would probably choose that style of animation of the new animation where some characters look like they are made of metal and reflect the light.  I think the designs are also funny as hell. Kuwabara is my favorite.  His hair is so funny. 

TheMajor5 Oct 22, 2010

Err.... I do not comprehend your judgement.  Killed the pacing? The mini arc as in, who is going to become the student of Genkai?  I thought the anime did a relatively good job in setting up the power level of Yusuke.  This is the first arc you truly get to see just how much potential Yusuke and Kuwabara have.  You can't epect every anime to be even paced can you? :P  As for the next arc with the 4 demons, this is were it gets interesting i agree.  You finally have demons in the equation and some pretty cool fights.  Just remember, this anime was in the 90's so it broke ground for much of what anime is today.  Such a classic, you'll love it since you already like the 4 demons arc.

Believe me, from here on the battles only get more interest and higher stakes.  PLus there are more intense fights and interesting twists.

TheMajor5 Oct 21, 2010

Oh hasse, i knew you would give into Hakusho's alluring awesomeness.  Good to know you started it, tell me, im pretty sure i was laughing that far in.  Yusuke and kuwabara are so dumb and dense it makes the anime hilarious.  Really is a classic.

Ah I guess it would give more of a range but signing up pretty much guarantees you have to watch this genre during a certain period.  I guess i wouldn't do it because i don't like to be constrained to a time limit. Well, whatever suits your cup of tea.  As for being interested in the genre itself, ill pass.  I was just curious as to what dictates a war type genre.  I can guess it would be something like the manga Ares, which is all about strategy and ultimately, war.  So questioned answered. 

TheMajor5 Oct 21, 2010

DO many people sign up for this marathon? that horror and genre is a suspicius coincidence.  I bet your hunch is right.  Meh signing up to watch certain anime seems like your forcing yourself to watch that certain genre.  Doesn't appeal to me much. But then again im not hueg into horror.  Now what exactly would be a war genre?  Like war strategies and so forth?