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Funari says...

A man of taste must be added. Although I never asked about your relationship with the Prismriver sisters...

Sep 23, 2011
DeathlyForce says...

I guess you are right, I still need to watch Berserk...  I think I"ll watch it after I finished Seirei no Moribito.

Apr 2, 2011
TheMajor5 says...

No clue about Fist of the North Star reference.  Never seen the series myself and don't know why such a show would cause a commotion in Japan.....of all places.  But, Hakusho will remain one of the many greats that essentially inspired what is today's anime.  Also, sometimes a list of positives can be too long, thus creating a negative list.  Still enjoyed the ending.  Was good to get a nice Background on Yusuke and his badass relative.

I saw the first ova but since the release dates for the rest were going to be in 2011, i kinda just forgot about the ovas all together.  Do the ovas revolve around that killer maid?  Might have to read the manga, heard it was awesome.  But from the first ova, the premise seems pretty good.  I simply loved the 1st 2 seasons.  The action was great, not massive amounts, but the story was compelling.  Maybe i just have a thing for women leads.  But loved how the crew was ruthless and yet remained calmed.  When you think of why you like something, it really is hard to explain LOLOL.

Saying all that, being a big BL fan, no doubt I won't watch the ovas.

Ah, well the girl looks pretty badass.  Never heard of the game or the character.

Now, i know i tend to recommend more than i actually take as recs, but since you seem to have lots of manga under your belt, do you read webcomics?????  For the past 3 months i have pretty much stopped watching anime and only been reading manga.  But my new favorite style is web comics.  Manga can't replicate such stories webcomics present.  Curious if you read them or not.

Also wondering, do you only read completed manga and only select a few on-going manga to read?  I read a manga last night that was like Gantz.  It dealt with giants and was really sweet.  Not sure if your into the heavy gore type genres.


Mar 31, 2011
TheMajor5 says...

Well i can understand the gripes you had about the series.  The music was nothing special.  No memorable battle themes or character intro themes or anything like that.  I'm sure great music would have amplified the ratings but sadly, the focused on other aspects.  I enjoy the tournament style arcs.  Reminds me so much of DBZ.  I am not always looking for that type of show but every once in awhile it's good to see pure action movie with power ups.

Blac Lagoon <3.  Are the new ovas any good?  I love the series.  Back to YYH.  I really enjoyed the comedy.  The idiocy made me crack up.  Some of the scenes were pretty deep like you mentioned.  you saw raw emotion when kuwabara put his life on the line in the DarkT.  The series just had about everything in it.  Not so much depth but enough to understand the characters.  Well it was a shame but there was not that much bloody deaths in the series.  Some characters should of been ripped apart but it didnt happen.

It was good to hear your opinion, never a boring conversation.   I was curious, what is your avatar from?

Mar 30, 2011
TheMajor5 says...

and?  How did you like Hakusho???  Did it meet the expecations i talked about?  I loved the series.

Mar 28, 2011