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Solty Rei

Nov 5, 2012

A captivating show that will tug at your emotions, this is the charming story of a broken man and his adopted android daughter who brings him out of his misery. 

Story: 8

The attractiveness of a futuristic world comes together with the darker atmosphere of a city in turmoil after being torn apart by an incident known as the "Blast Fall" twelve years earlier. Roy Revent is a bounty hunter who is unable to shake his depression after the loss of his daughter in the Blast Fall. Then an android girl falls from the sky and saves his life and soon after he adopts her. Solty is an innocent minded girl that learns to adjust to human life while doing everything she can to improve her relationship with her new father.

Roy still searches for his daughter who he believes is still alive. Sometimes overcome with depression, he wallows in misery despite Solty's efforts. Throughout the anime Roy finds that there are still things worth living for and if you never give up hope things can turn around.

The background to this story is the mystery surrounding Solty's origin and the circumstances that lead to the Blast Fall. This is skillfully intertwined in the anime, but towards the end it seems they saved up too much info and it ends up coming out in a kind of rushed and awkward manner.

Animation: 8.5

The design behind Solty and her battles is very appealing, as well as the action scenes involving other characters. The design behind the body amplification suits that are used by a female mercenary group in particular was really well done. The CGI was also done well though at times it did not integrate 100% with the anime. The eye candy graphics are brought to new hights towards the end of the anime when Solty uses her powers to their full potential.

Sound: 9

Solty Rei features a compelling soundtrack with background music that is integrated into the storyline. The opening song "Clover" does a good job putting a melody to Solty's upbeat and cheerful personality. I watched the dub version and Carrie Savage does one of her best performances as Solty, a character seemingly made for Carrie's voice. The voice acting from the rest of the cast is also really well done, overall one of the best dubs out there.

Characters: 9

Solty Rei has really good character development. Roy Revent is not your average cool bounty hunter hero. After losing his daughter he spiralled into a dark world in which he got his revenge by terrorizing criminals. The real stars of this show are Solty and a robin hood style criminal Rose Anderson. Solty may be an android, but her emotions are real and watching her struggles really tugs at your heartstrings at times. Rose Anderson is an advocate for people that are living underground after losing their rights as citizens after the Blast Fall. Her charming personality and wit make her an easily likeable character. The rest of the cast is filled with interesting characters that each have their own stories. Kasha, the daughter of Roy Revent's landlady in particular is one of my favorite characters with a mature young girl attitude and a vulnerable side that she keeps hidden.

Overall: 8.5

An altogether excellent anime, with a good heartfelt story behind it, this show is definetely one worth watching. 

8/10 story
8.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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