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Coyote Ragtime Show

Nov 1, 2012

Get ready for a wild space pirate ride filled with killer android lolis and a likeable group of space pirates also known as Coyotes! While not being the most profound anime out there Coyote Ragtime Show is what a it is- an exciting space adventure with an amusing cast of characters. It had a bit of a Treasure Island feel to it.

Story: 5.5

Nefarious criminal known best as "Mister" has broken out of prison and is now in a race against time, (and a group of android assassins) to reach a treasure left behind by his late friend the king of pirates. The story behind this anime is quite simplistic and straightforward. A race to reach a treasure from planet "Graceland" before it's scheduled to blow up. There's also the kid/ guardian forming a bond story between the main protagonist "Mister" and the young orphan girl. There are a couple of times when flashbacks try to add some depth to some of the characters backgrounds, but they really don't add too much and fail to clarify much of anything.

Animation: 7

The animation in this show is fun to watch, though nothing spectacular. Mister and his crew are being chased by 12 lolita assassins throughout the anime and this leads to plenty of gun fights and space battles. While being fun to watch there's nothing in this anime that really stands out compared to other anime in this genre.

Sound:  6.5

This anime had a decent opening and a lot of good voice actors. There was also a lot of cool sounds effects from guns and explosions, as well as space ship battles. All in all, not bad.

Characters: 6.5

The characters in this anime are fun to look at and several have fun and interesting personalities, but they all seemed to lack depth. The lolita assassins were all androids so I guess we can't really expect much of a personality from them, though they did have their own quirks that were sometimes amusing. The relationship between Mister and the orphan Franca is the most depth you'll get from this show, but it's really just Franca deciding whether or not she can trust Mister. Mister's crew features some fun and amusing characters in Bishop, Katana and the former criminal turned pastor Swamp Gordon. The verbal fights between Bishop and Swamp can be funny at times. The federal agent Angelica and her partner Chelsea really don't add much to the show in my opinion, other than adding another party to the list of people chasing Mister for their own reasons that not even Angelica is sure about.

Overall: 6.5

Ok, despite not having much depth to this show it's still fun to watch, doing a decent job of mixing pirate criminals with space adventure. Don't expect to take much from this anime other than a fun space heist where the heros never die and you'll probably have fun watching it. No guarantees on this one though as it's not the best show out there so I'd only recommend it if you looking for something amusing to kill some time with.

5.5/10 story
7/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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