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Street Fighter II V

Aug 25, 2012

Looking for an exciting action packed, martial arts oriented anime? Look no further! SF II V really delivers in the action department. Fans of the Street Fighter series will definetely enjoy seeing the characters in awesome fight scenes.

Story 7/10

The story to this anime revolves around Ken and Ryu's travels around the world looking for different styles of martial arts and new challenging opponents. Along the way they meet Chun-Li and become good friends with her and she joins them on some of their adventures. Their journey gets disrupted however when they become entangled with the underground crime organization Shadoloo. A fairly basic storyline but the anime does a good job adding interesting and exciting adventures for Ken and Ryu to go through.

Animation 6.5/10

This show has some really good fight scenes to it. The downside is, a lot of those fight scenes show repeated actions during the fights. They definetely could've made the fights better if they added more scenes to the fights instead of repeating scenes. Despite that the show is still action-packed and the fight scenes are still enjoyable to watch. There are a lot of different characters that are involved in the fights and it makes each fight fun to watch.

Sound 6/10

The sound definetely doesn't stand out too much, same opening and closing theme that is mediocre. The voice acting however was done quite well and was very enoyable.

Characters 7/10

This show is filled with great characters! Ryu and Ken come across many different individuals in their travels and have interesting interactions with just about all of them. Ken and Ryu themselves go through personal growth as they realize there's more to martial arts than being able to defeat your opponent. Chun-Li was a particularly fun character in this series and adds a lot to the show when she's around.

Overall 6.8/10

 While nothing in this show particularly stands out, it is definetely an enjoyable series to watch with likeable characters that go through exciting adventures. This show does action really well and is definitely worth watching if you are a fan of Street Fighter series.

7/10 story
6.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.8/10 overall
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