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Nov 9, 2011

   What the heck is the deal with this dude in a mask!?! That's what you'll be asking yourself throughout the anime. Underneath the storyline of the characters striving to create a new nation free from war is the hidden story of a masked man's forgotten past. Utawarerumono is an entertaining anime that would be enjoyable for a variety of audiences, definetely something worth watching for any anime buff. Including a great cast of interesting characters, epic battle scenes and a good amount of humor this anime gets good marks in almost every area.

   Story Although it has at times a seemingly intricate story, the anime taken as a whole feels like it is intended for a younger audience, under 15 or so, which may turn off older viewers. This anime could be said to have to storylines. One storyline being that of the emerging nation of Tusukuru and the other being the story of Hakuoro, a man suffering from amnesia whose past comes back to haunt him. The story of Tusukuru is interesting, starting from a small tribe that starts a rebellion and becoming a nation that rivals all that surround it. Hakuoro's personal storyline about his missing past does have a mysterious element to it, but at times it really doesn't make sense and how he got to where he was.

   Animation was nothing too spectacular. Some of the fight scenes were pretty cool, but in general the animation seemed geared towards a younger audience. That being said it was still good character designs and good battle scenes.

   Great Sound and a good soundtrack adds an adventurous tone to this anime that makes it that much more exciting.

   The Characters are really what gives this anime it's appeal. From the saki loving, giant blade wielding Karura to the shy, mischeivious little girl Aruru with her giant tiger friend, this anime has a wide variety of likeable characters. Hakuoro pulls together an interesting group of followers, a large amount of them being strong fighters, including his personal guard a strong swordswoman from an honorable clan, Touka.

   An awesome anime with an intricate story, Utawarerumono is an anime worth watching. It also features an awesome cast of characters that do some incredible things. The only downside is the anime feels like it's meant for a young audience, but it's still a great anime.

7.5/10 story
7/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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