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Everyone has their own opinion on good anime

31 AUG

The world of people who love anime is an interesting place. When you first talk to someone and find out they like anime it's always exciting to talk to them and find out what anime they watch. Sure sometimes you'll get a generic reply like Naruto or Inuyasha, but usually people have their own unique anime preferences that can be something totally different from everyone else's.

That's one thing that I love about anime-planet, people expressing their point of view on which anime are good and which anime are terrible. Just looking at different people's top anime lists can be surprising and eye-opening at how differently people see anime. Certain anime get a lot of notariety just because of how much people hate them, and yet at the same time other people write reviews on how much they loved the same anime.

One anime in particular is School Days. Some people love this anime and put it up high on their favorite anime list. Other people can't stand it and deem it a disaster of an anime. Attempting to look at it from an objective point of view I can see from both points of view, but this anime in particular is extremely difficult to rate without having one's own personal opinions affecting how they see it.

This is just one example of many and when I took the time to start looking at how there are so many different genres and mixed genres of anime it became astounding. When it comes down to it people with drastically different personalities and preferences can each find anime that they enjoy and have a good time watching.

Thus in my opinion everyone has a right to their own opinion of whether or not an anime is good or worth watching. What might seem terrible to one person may be an anime gem to someone else. It all depends on their perspective.

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