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Just an huge Otaku here. I like Video-Games and Reading manga as well. Anime I mostly spend my time watching. All the anime I watch are Fansubs since I don't really like DUB sometimes. Anyways thats about it.

There is ALMOST no anime I can not get to....I have a lot of sources so yea.....I got no life XD.

I absolutly hate Fillers by the way but some filler seasons are ok.....eh heh.

Note: My favorite Anime are not my favorite in order. They are all my favorite equally =P

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OneiChan Sep 2, 2007

You are truly otaku, you have the button to prove it, haha! I'd have to agree, I hate dubs too. I watch all fansubs as well... Anyways, welcome to anime-planet. I see you have already populated all your lists... I'll have to go snoop through all your anime :D