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My name is Hanna Justina-Marseille and am currently 16 years old. I am better known as the “star of Africa” because of my awesome combat maneuvers and sparkling beauty. I am in the 31st Joint fight Squadron Africa affiliated with the Karlsland Air Force. I have matriculation magic allowing me to manipulate time and space, am able to control how a bullet travels. My familiar is the Steller’s Sea Eagle. I am however not the most stable witch in the squadron mentally, Flying Officer Barkhorn called me “potentially psychopathic and I was a subordinate that could not be trusted”. I have tendencies to have violent outbursts that prove how lethal my combat skills are. My mood often changes frequently or I experience more than one emotion at a time making me very hard to keep up with. Also as a strike witch I have the ability to heal myself and my teammates. I can be quite flirtatious due to the side effects of the medications am on, many times I can be taken advantage of but once I realize this I became psychotic. >w< Am a special one aren’t I.

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