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Halktail Sep 4, 2013

oh yeah (i think my other shows are all on hiatus till october, i onyl got like 3 though, what are yours?)~

ikr, bacon is a man!~

oh yeah tucker, is he in your hates? i wonder if theres anyone that loves him~

Swiftycloudeh Sep 4, 2013

oooh yum! :D

oh their forms must have not been added yet :/ how about Shou Tucker! he's the worst

ikr :/ and my other shows and books ;-;

Halktail Sep 4, 2013

idk if i hate any i havent quite gotten that far, its a shame though a couple chatracters i love arent on here like karen from kiniro mosaic or ceasar clown from one piece (this guy has like the funniest laugh, i want it as my ringtone)~

Halktail Sep 4, 2013

ikr neither can i (wait for the new one)~

school sucks if it keeps your from anime to much~

im a lil excited to go to school tomorrow mainly because im gonna get a bacon (yeah bacon) cheeseburger for lunch xD~

Swiftycloudeh Sep 4, 2013

lol do you hate any characters? XD my character pages are a lot for love/hate xD