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:3 Hai! I ish Autumn. ^w^

I'm 15 years old, and I love anime, yaoi, gaia, and much more thingies. OwO;

My top 5 anims would be: Full Metal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Deathnote, and Nana. :D There's a lot more from there, but, hehe, it would be odd to name them. xD; Just go look at my list. <3

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Zemunasu Oct 28, 2008

Welcome to A-P the most kickass place on the net. Sry about not given you a welcome as soon as you joined but it all is well. I can't always get them all the time. At any rate, we trualy hope to see more of you around here on A-P and hopefully within the forums as well, where the crazy never ends. Believe me on this one. Once again welcome  to A-P.


wulfanger Oct 27, 2008

AWW I THOUGHT IT was amazing.....hehe thats why i mainly added it to my profile...the lists of random stuff i put when i be bored...like i added the last 2 things during class today XD

wulfanger Oct 27, 2008

um i duno ever since they redi the site they dont show up on ur amin profile XD, isnt that great?

Kaste Oct 27, 2008

And what are u watching right now??

Im into cowboy bebop ;p

wulfanger Oct 27, 2008

if you need me to *aquire any animes tell me and ill transfer them to you at schoo XD FUZY DEATH BUNNIES FROM DOWN ABOVE