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Hey, i'm HahaTriangles (can't remember how i came up with my name but have been using it for years) Born and live in Australia. I've grown up watching Dragon ball, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Yu Gi Oh!, Pokemon, Studio Ghibli films and probably a lot more anime when it used to come on cartoon network when i was younger. 

I was Introduced to Manga much later (around the age of 14) when i was too impatient to wait for a new episode of Naruto each week so sort of cheated and read ahead.

Now in no particular order:

My Top 10 Anime:

My Top 10 Manga:

My Top 5 Light Novels:

My Top 5 Visual Novels

As you might see my rankings are a bit different then usual, this is because I am ranking the anime and manga on how much I enjoy them not really their quality or others opinions.

I am also a bit of a gamer so if you want to add me you can, My Profile Names are:

Xbox 360/One: HahaTriangles

Ps3: HahaTriangles

Steam: hahatriangles 

Anime-Planet.com - anime | manga | reviews

My clubs, claims, etc.


If you have any recommendations on anime or manga for me be sure to post them for me in my comments below 


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JustDrea says...

Thank you for welcoming me to anime planet. :3

Nov 28, 2015
KakarotUchiha says...

thanks for welcoming me

Nov 16, 2015
CharleyAnne says...

Hi, Triangles!!  *grin*  Thanks for bein' the first to pop my comment cherry...  *giggle*  I noticed that you liked Stein's;Gate...a friend of mine told me that I should really watch that one next.  Currently I'm about two episodes away from finishing Serial Experiments: Lain....that's pretty intense!...and I'll hop on Stein's;Gate next.  I'm tryin' to learn all there is to know about Steam...I'm just starting my FFIII game play...my name there is charleyanne324...  So, yeah.  Have a great Monday!  ^_^

Nov 16, 2015
Astelia says...

Thank you for welcoming me here:)

Nov 13, 2015
unicornnics says...

Aww thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it! 

I'll definitely message you or something if I have any questions! 

Thanks again!! :)

Nov 9, 2015