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First of all, my name is Filip. That's something you absolutely don't need to know. But I think it's polite to tell you.
You can call me Habhome

As well as all of you others I love anime and manga. And this site is a good way to keep track of what I've seen and what would fit my taste to see next.
My memory is so horrible that I forget what ep I was on before the ending credits have even stopped rolling.

Attended conventions:

  1. Ai.Love, Visitor, 26-28/10-2007
  2. V-Kon 1.1, Visitor, 31/1-1/2-2009
  3. Uppcon:11, Visitor, 2-5/6-2011
  4. Dinocon:01, Network Tech, 27/4-1/5-2012
  5. Uppdon:12, Random Task Force, 14-17/6-2012
  6. Kultcon:12, Stage Tech, 25-28/10-2012
  7. ConFusion, Network Tech Organizer, 6-9/10-2012
  8. NärCon Winter, Information (And some tech), 21-24/2-2013
  9. Foxcon:02, VIP-guest, 31/5-2/6-2013
  10. Dinocon:02, Visitor, 13-16/6-2013
  11. NärCon, Infrastructure (Network), 25-28/7-2013
  12. ConFusion, Random Task (Cat) Force, 24-27/10-2013
  13. Kultcon:13, Stage Tech, 22-24/11-2013
  14. NärCon Stockholm, Stage Tech, 3-6/1-2014
  15. NärCon Winter, Information, 20-23/2-2014
  16. Kultcon:14, Stage Tech, 9-11/5-2014
  17. ConFusion, Last-minute Stage Tech Organizer, 12-14/12-2014
  18. NärCon Winter, Cosplay-SM Black Ops, 19-22/2-2015
  19. Kultcon:15, Stage Tech, 29-31/5-2015
  20. NärCon, Broadcast + Stage Tech, 23-26/7-2015
  21. NärCon Winter, Infrastructure, 12-14/2-2016
  22. ConFusion, Stage Tech Organizer, 13-15/5-2016
  23. NärCon, Infrastructure, 28-31/7-2016
  24. Banzaicon, Chaos Pilots + Photographer, 7-9/10-2016

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blackphoenix1419 Jan 7, 2009

hi whit up filip

welcome to Anime planet

VivisQueen Jan 7, 2009

Lol. Did you click 'Create Signature' button on the bottom of the page after you'd filled out all the stuff you wanted?

kiwi100 Jan 7, 2009

hey..!! welcome.. em that surely was no short introduction hee hee.. nd ur english is brilliant..!! Not a bit rusty from the looks of it..!!  hope you enjoy using the site..!!^^

VivisQueen Jan 7, 2009

First the important thing is to get an image that you want to use for your signature. You can make them yourself according to the signature specifications OR get some ready-made ones from the Custom Signature Forum. There are literally hundreds to choose from and from different anime. Download the ones you want into a folder on your PC (right click > save as).


Then click on 'My Signatures' in your profile then 'add/update my signature' and follow the steps:

STEP 1) Choose the kind of details you want the signature to show by selecting from the choice of three - my choice was 'Currently Watching' so it puts in the text box what I've got as 'currently watching' in my anime list. STEP 2) To insert your chosen background image (which you downloaded into your folder) click on the 'Browse' button and select it from the folder you stored it in. Or, alternatively, use one of the default ones. Although I don't recommend that because they're boring. Lol. STEP 3) Choose the font colour for your text. Click on the green link saying 'Click here' to open a window giving you the codes for the colours. Type the codes for the colours you want in the boxes provided. Remember that the colour for your name (at the top right corner of the sig) must be a light colour in order to look good. I chose white just because it went best with my sig. The colour you choose for your text box can be whatever you want it to be. So mine is yellow to match the hair colour of the character in my sig.


And voila!

Saoulmanblaster Jan 7, 2009

Hi and welcome! Eller tjena jag e också från Sverige