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Well hi anime and manga readers C: I am in Japan, but i'm not bragging. I think that this site is okay for me. lol. I do speak japanese and many more languages (just 3) xDDD I am a pretty legit person to talk to. I read alot of anime and manga, but for people in the U.S , they have shitty comics and stuff.... asia has BEAST shit here :DDDD well anyways... My name is Rachell and I have alot of siblings. I don't know why, but me and my twin are the opposite in what you think. I am not an... so called "LABEL" i am just me (: plain old me. Ride on my dick and I will pown your ass or either just ignore you [:

For the recremend... dudes who don't know, I am fucking 14 so don't try and get my e-mail cause I wont respond to it nore you :D Girls... I am flatterd to meet you all and same to you dudes too [: I guess You find me on vampirefreaks.com [Panda_rayachiru] & Ohmydollz.com [xxHELLOxx]

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gakusei Nov 29, 2011

sugoi ^^ well, i'm just a humble german studying japanese language and culture, so i can't help being curious... :D do people in okinawa speak japanese, a special japanese dialect or something else? never read about that.

gakusei Nov 28, 2011

こんにちわ there! just saw your comment... are you really from okinawa or do you just like that location? gotta tell me! pretty exotic, after all ;D