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Greetings. I am Hector. Just some crazy Puerto Rican. 

Since my teenage years anime has become a huge part of my life. I just CANNOT live without it. It's my first passion in all entertainment. I can't remember my first anime experience but I do remember watching G-Force (now known as Gatchaman) as a little squirt. However, I grew up on Toonami (WELCOME BACK!) and Adult Swim's anime block in my teenage years. Nowadays, I watch anime online on my timing. The Dragonball series, mainly Z, got me hooked to watch more.

I really HATE it when people outside our anime/manga community mistake (or just refer) anime as "cartoons". Noobs. I don't have favorite genres since my tastes are not dictated by any. I don't care for studios either. I just like to watch many different series depending on my mood (funny, dark, violent, light-hearted, raunchy, etc).

As for my rating in anime, it depends on my overall enjoyment. Actually, the characters make me enjoy a series and screw the rest. "Popularity" or "acclaim" are of no concern. It's just my opinion.

Top favorite anime in order: Dragonball/Z/Kai, Gundam (especially Wing and 00), Yu Yu Hakusho, Ikki Tousen series, Rosario+Vampire, Saiyuki series, Gintama, Azumanga Daioh, Sekirei series, Slayers series, Black Lagoon, Code Geass.

Top fav manga in order: Rosario+Vampire/II, Gintama, Sekirei, To Love-Ru/Darkness, Ikki Tousen, Ai Yori Aoshi, Saiyuki series.

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DaiaX says...

it's from touhou doujinshi "Inaba of the moon and Inaba of the Earth", you can freely grab it at gensokyo.org

Jun 5, 2009
JustNeko says...

Yea Yu Yu Hakusho was Awesome!! I like Dragon Ball Z too ^^

May 15, 2009
Simes says...

Thanks, just one of the few anime avatars I have floating around and wasn't sure if an animated avatar (gif file) would work

May 12, 2009
kuropona says...


gracias por la bienvenida n__n

no pense que alguien me hablara en español xD


bonito tu avatar tambien... n__n



Apr 21, 2009
Darkz9999 says...

Greetings H3ctor, thanks for the warm welcome, and i belive you i think ill enjoy it here ^^



Apr 12, 2009