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Favorite Manga                                                                 Favorite Anime

1. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro                                      Too many to put in any real order

2. Beauty Pop                                                                  Just take a look at my 5 stare list

3. undecided                                                                                            or

                                                                                                        Favorites list

   (-oops- seems I forgot to remake and make each of those list. I'll do that soon)

Hi there

Feel free to call me Gwen

my bio~

there is the typical stuff like I LOVE anime and manga

then there is the less but still typical stuff like I really like j-dramas, k-dramas and light novels

now onto somre thing hopefully a little more interesting

I really like to read old manga, things around the time of Glass Mask. 

Which might have lead to my love of old anime. When I say old anime I mean things like Candy Candy, Bearfoot Gen, Rose of Versilles, and many more.

Not to say that I don't like more resent anime. Though I always seem to be a year behind... I like to marathoning episodes so I tend to wait for shows to finish airing.  

I don't think I'm very good at making these bio things but I'll just say a couple more random facts

I am 19 but I've been all over the world including Japan

I'm learning Japanese but I'm only just started so don't ask to talk to you in japanese >_<

I'm a horible speller and don't mind at all when people point it out. so if you see something spelled wrong feel free to point it out, I don't mind

now for the last thing



I only keep track of my "want to watch" on MAL ^_^  Not true anymore. It's easier to pick out what to watch using the filter system here. 

 I don't keep track of this manga list. I only update it when I finish a manga. In case you really wanted to take a look at an up to date list go here. 


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Earth... maybe~

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MageOnx avatar MageOnx

Great Signature!

Mar 22, 2012

Your new signature is awesome! Everyone loves Tamaki! XD

Hmm, is possible, I haven't read the manga but I know the anime and it sure looks familiar! :)

I made a custom list containing all my top favourite anime (there're 50 of them, no order whatsoever XP), so I'll just give you the link to it, and browse what you like :)



illarae avatar illarae

You Rock!

Mar 21, 2012

Thanks very much! I like yours too hehe xD Welcome to Anime Planet :3

MageOnx avatar MageOnx

Nice Avatar!

Mar 20, 2012

Ha ha, thanks, your avatar is really cute too! -^-^- Is it from any anime?? :)

As for your signature, just click 'signature' at the top of your profile (it's far on the right) to start off. After that, click 'add/update my signature'. Then choose content - I choose to have my anime list stats in my signature, but you can choose any of the given options. -^-^- Then upload an image as a signature - I recommend it to be kinda stretched on its own, because the image tends to get stretched for the signature and it kinda ruins the picture. :P Watch out for the max size, too! After that, just click the button 'create signature' in the very bottom of the page.

I hope I helped out a little, but if I wasn't clear enough, please feel free to sk me specificly what you don't get about creating your signature, I'll be happy to help! -^-^-

P.S. - I added you as a friend, hope you don't mind! -^-^-

staruser avatar staruser


Mar 2, 2012

omg yes i <3 it it so awsome and cute

staruser avatar staruser


Mar 2, 2012

lol that cool,umm am the same am a fan of any anime but if i had 2 chosse..


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