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KamiNomi 166

15 NOV

OK. What. What did I just read?

This whole Goddess plot arc has consisted of Keima becoming progressively more of a collossal jerk and getting away with it, and chapter 166 is really where I'm putting my foot down.

Granted, I'm speaking as a Chihiro fan, but the warning signs were there before Ayumi and Chihiro even became major players. He was expressly planning to just lead on, deceive, and deliberately use as many people with romantic interest in him as was humanly possible. That was bad, and the most to come of it was his getting scolded and argued over by the assembled goddesses.

Of course Keima has always rejected reality (and saw Chihiro as the ultimate symbol of what's real) from the very beginning of the series. That's not what I'm complaining about; it's true to his character and the premise of the series for him to do so. The problem is that he'd actually been undergoing something like character development in recent arcs. Of course games are still Keima's first priority, but he does actually care about some of the inhabitants of Za Riaru, even if it's not immediately obvious. (This is actually why I like Chihiro and consider her such an important character: her arc was the first one that actually gave Keima trouble, the first one where his godlike galge powers didn't apply to the real world.)

You can't have a character go through all kinds of events that challenge their view of the world, purposely act in a way indicating those views have changed somewhat, and then go back to how they were before for no apparent reason. That's not how storytelling works.

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