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On my spare time I like watching anime and playing videogames. I'm slightly partial to deep and intelligent anime series but can sit down and enjoy anime from any genre. For my videogames I prefer RPGs (I have a long list of complete titles. If you need a recommendation just ask), strategy games and tactial based shooters such as Call of Duty and Ghost Recon. Lastly, I do like to review movies, anime series, and videogames on my spare time. (Haven't gotten around to much recently.


Scoring Scale

0 - 2- Atrocious (2= *)

3 - 4- Subpar (4= **)

5 - 6- Mediocre (6= ***)

7 - 8- Reputable (8 = ****)

9 - 10- Phenomenal (10= *****)


My Reviews

Black Cat - 6.6/10 - Mediocre

Desert Punk - 5.4/10 - Mediocre

Eden's Bowy- 2.2/10 - Atrocious

Samurai Seven- 5.8/10 - Mediocre

Samurai Champloo - 8.2/10 - Reputable

Trigun - 9/10 - Phenomenal

Feedback and comments for my reviews are welcome!

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LegendZero Sep 1, 2011

Nice review on trigun and cowboy bebop loved those shows. I see that you also watched escaflowne not too many people like this show since its fairly old. You should watch gundam unicorn.....BEAST SHOW RIGHT THERE^^ found you from the forums btw.

sothis Oct 12, 2009

Hi Gundevil ^_^

Just wanted to see if you knew yet about the new personal reviews feature on the site? ^_^ I'm going to be removing the forum reviews section within about a month (which includes deleting all of the content in there) and am hoping people will migrate their reviews out into the personal reviews so people on the site can continue to read them. 

To add a personal review just go to any entry, click the 'reviews and discussion' tab, and there's a link to add your own review. They work like blogs so you can add pictures/video if you want too, and there are optional score fields. This feature is up for both manga/anime. More info on the feature is in the Site Announcements section of the forum :D

I'm really hoping you can move yours over cause they're good (including the ones in the applicant thread!). Are you still working towards site reviewership? Your stuff was always close, if I remember correctly.

Ttys! ^_^

sorcerer101 Aug 25, 2009

Yea it is, o.o I heard Ponyo was on theaters in my contry.

sorcerer101 Aug 25, 2009

Ah, u like Studio Chibli movies and stuff, am i right. Put a smile on ur fac and say wassap!^^

babyeinstein12 Aug 21, 2009

Hey! I'm one of the site reviewers here. I've noticed in your recent application that one of your chosen shows was Black Cat. I'm actually watching the anime right now and have been planning to write a review for it for a while now. Of course, it doesn't really matter if a show has more than one review or not, but I was wondering if you were going to re-apply anytime soon... If you still were hoping to become a reviewer and use your own review for Black Cat, I would prefer backing off and focusing on a series that won't be covered, as the site has a lot of ground to cover when it comes to reviews for shows on the database. So basically, if you are seriously considering re-applying and perhaps becoming a reviewer, I'd rather NOT write a Black Cat review at the moment. Please let me know! ^^