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10 JUN

I feel the need to say that this may have the most detestable protaganist I have EVER laid eyes upon. I thought Yuuki Rito from To-love-ru was bad. I knew nothing. So who else remembers being a high school student? What would you do if 2 beautiful girls were all over you day and night, doin all sorts of perverted stuff, including trying to have sex with you? You'd start crying right? Yeah, I thought so.....well that's what this miserable girl bastard Kouta does. I have NEVER been so annoyed at an anime character in my life, and with almost 400 animes watched, that says something.....something bad. I realize that I am american, so maybe my thoughts on it are SLIGHTLY different from a japanese high schooler, but COME ON, no DUDE runs from the pussy, you don't do it. I have to say that in my eyes the ONLY redeeming factor of this anime is the T&A. I feel bad sayin that even, but it's true. Every character besides Kouta is even pretty likeable, but who do we focus on the most? "I am afraid of the pussy" boy. This anime has sundered my soul, I pray that you don't watch this, or if you do, you are young enough to enjoy it, cause let me tell you, at 24, punching myself in the balls repeatedly would have probably been more fun than sitting through the series. I am about to watch the OVA and I am SURE it's gonna be equally terrible. I hope I save someone from the misery of this series, cause it hurts.


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