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What refit three kids and I love them better you year you are you your girl you yet I the whole the main called you know create preciatethat so much and you know it was awesome to be there at that conference in you guys with that stage up let me just tell you right now and I was the message Safer Colon that you put out there on you know was so inspiring for me as well talking about strengthening exercise in the important to do in that and important at inhume every single day I wake up and I got to decide I'm going to am I going to recommit to what it takes to stay here and most often attack yeah but there are days when you know I'm not feeling it but I know what Indeed to do I do it anyway letter and some I so my own my own the not even two weeks ago it looked at the remote dangerous word English Dictionary when it comes to comes to help the I’ll start morrow right up there because he keep he stepped up and I'm and don’t know if you look no I'm not I'm not particularly good I love you lose the all I'll start morrow in their mind reactive all-you-can-eat welfare I and that no person and they're looking at me like weren't you awake I don't you know I don't do that anymore not I'm not going it's ok.

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