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zorosanzensekai Apr 1, 2015

Why you hate the characters of series you haven't even watched? I hope you got good reason for that or are you just retarded?

KeiNiwa Oct 25, 2014

Rule of a shinobi is always stay hidden and yet Naruto attacks head-on. F logic =P

It's some kind of what I call "kids show" where hero will always win, unlike some more mature audience ones like the ones you mentioned. Like Kamina, he is the Great, but dem feels coming when he did die ~

KeiNiwa Oct 25, 2014

Haha, calm down dude ~ :P

I'm also about to start off Naruto soon once I finish D.Gray-man and Gintama. I was a total Narutard back then until at one point, I quit watching it due to unnessecary fillers and yeah, the heroes that won't die. =v=

But I survived Bleach, so I should try surviving this one too ~

KeiNiwa Sep 21, 2014

Good luck with that! I'm on the way to finish 3 seasons of Shakugan no Shana (so far, 2 seasons down) XDD

KeiNiwa Sep 1, 2014

Dream big ~ I'm aiming to reach 1000 anime XDD

Though... I only have like 10-20 anime DVDs with me now being not yet watched =w=lll