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Heya! My name is Will and I'm 22 years old. I work full-time as an Air-conditioning Mechanic.


Anime/Manga is a new part in my life and I'm enjoying it . I just love the way the characters and story lines grip you and leaving you wanting to know whats next.


Always looking for new anime and would love to hear some recommendations. There isn't really a certain anime genre I'm right into at the moment as I'm new I will try them all out, how could i not right? :)


Look forward to meeting new people on the A-P site and discussing what brings us together :)



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What?! No anime ratings?

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AnimalSoldier May 16, 2010

My brother...Gungrave is your number 1...You are truly a wise man...

KiraRin Jul 18, 2009

Graftyyyyyyy! Come back! We miss you :(


Rydia Apr 14, 2009

it rocks! hope you are doing well today! I also love Vampire Hunter D :P


@-)-- Jenna

KiraRin Mar 29, 2009

Oohh, Graftman! You found your way into my comments!

And you're not too  bad looking yourself ;P