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As a warning, profile comments can take a while to get back to, so please do not be offended if a response is not received immediately. am horrible at "About Me"s, so here are some basics:
-High Anxiety and overly...eccentric
-ISFP Personality (if you believe in these things)
-Lover of chocolate, kebabs, and food in general
-College Student
-Lots of procrastination
-Industrial is good for the soul
-Languages and anything outside the norm are usually of great interest to me

Music for the past seven days:

Now for the anime!

Rankings are like your typical ones, I guess. Five is the best, three is alright, one is not good and half not watch for the life of you. Don't do it!

Oh...I'll watch anything!

Feel free to ask any questions! Make a recommendation, anything!

Additional random-y stuff: Member of the Welcoming Club and APBFC

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TheSugarbear97 says...


I definitely will enjoy my time here!

Jul 31, 2015
Diabolikimagination says...

Hello =) Thank you~ I hope you will enjoy your time here too!!

Jul 30, 2015
CommanderKarasu says...

Be sad no longer, for I have found a job. Apologies for the late reply, by the way. I occasionally completely forgot about comments. Any specific reason why you're transferring? Sounds like it might be a lot of work. It would be great if you could come back for sure. Life is too short to let other people ruin something you enjoy. The forum was a lot of fun about a year ago, but now a lot of people left and it hasn't been nearly as exciting since. I haven't been posting much at all. T_T

Jul 30, 2015
Android21 says...

Hi again!

Ya...I most probably will start greeting soon! Or I will at least try to! I am missing Greeting club! haha...

Wow US is amazing! XD Getting beaten is daily routine here in most of my city's school haha...Catholic school? Teacher beats their student in Catholic school? Wow that's unexpected... Yup, I am sure of that now haha!... WOW I never would have known that :O... Yup, I am not a fan of Holi...Umm Because Holi is quite chaotic festival...I see, I don't think Diwali was ever celeberated in Decembmer...Not sure though haha ah That's okay :)... I see, sounds awesome! Cool! small celeberation instead of a month off? you guys used to get a month long vacation in account of Diwali or something? xD?

Thanks a ton! :D

I see, haha Best of luck for rest buddy!

Thanks! :D

Jul 29, 2015
mariveemd says...

Thank you very much for the welcome! ^-^

Jul 28, 2015