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Spice and Wolf II


The story of spice and wolf continues, as Travelling Merchant Craft Lawrence travels with Horo. The first part details Lawrence’s Hardship when another merchant with equal wit  Falls in love with Horo and tries to win her from him. In the second Part of the story they reach further north, towards horo’s homeland and they both start to worry about what will happen when the journey ends.

Animation/Sound – The setting of Spice and Wolf’s world is beautifully rendered. Most of the colors are muted with only Horo’s Prettiness sticking out with her red eyes.  The music and towns reminds of the world of fable (minus the fighting) , it  has an easy going fee that makes you to relax.

Characters- To this anime viewer, what really sets Spice and Wolf apart from many animes is the characters,  The Slow romance between Lawrence and Horo, and the witty banter they exchange.  In fact most of the screen time taken is from conversations.  Their character interaction is so intricate, and realistic. I really like Horo’s personality. They fact that I can’t place her in a specific character archetype is testament to how fleshed out she is. At first glance she might appear tsundere, but she isn’t annoying like most tsundere characters.  As she is the sage wolf Horo is understands the hearts of man very well, and rarely shows weakness, but when she does it is really cute and sincere.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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