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Canaan is a gil with powers to perciev the world differently, all her sense are connected, and people glow according to their emotions. with her keen senses, and battle reflexes, the girl makes for a formidable enemy Iron Army of One she is called. She seems to work as a merceneray. Story progress to unravel the mysetiries of Canaan's Extraordinary powers, her relation ship with Another woman named Alphard. as well her ditzy friend Maria who is visiting China for photography

I don't know if that was all there is to the story, or if it still had an ongoing manga or something, as sincere as the end was, I felt that it was still lacking. because in the end of everything, not much is revealed about the people who were really manipulating the events surrounding Canaan 's life and, one can't help but feel loose ends.

Canaan was beautifully animated, the actions scenes were thrilling, and movements were smooth. and they did their best to portray canaan's world.
Characters. Canaan had small but potent cast of characters, as the story pogresses you begin to understand what drives the characters, and they go through rewarding development. Canaan and Maria have to come to terms with what they are to each other.  Central Theme seem to revolve around the characters fighting with their past, attoning for their sins, and become stronger/better people

Overall it was a enjoyable 13 episodes, great actions scenes,  enjoyable characters, and nice scenery and cityscapes.  I recommend to people who enjoy watching cute females kicking ass.

6/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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