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Jun 3, 2012

Bakuman was a fresh and originl Anime to watch, as well as very inspiring.

Everyone  has dreams, What makes our dreams so worthwhile are the sacrifices we make and the things we gamble to make them true. At the beginning of the story Akito Takagi  declares his dream of becoming a mangaka to Moritaka Mashiro, despite having perfect grades and great future ahead of him. he convinces Moritaka to  confesses his love to his long time crush (Miho Azuki)and asks her to marry him when he becomes successfull in serializing a manga and having it made into an anime. the two promise not to date untill the both reach their respective dreams. Thus the story begins  and the characters confront many obstacles as the struggle to make their dreams come true.

Story 8
    This is the first season and the plot moved along smoothly, the ending was both satysfing and left us waiting and wanting a second season. the Protagonists through trial and error learn to sharpen their craft as they get ready to tackle the manga world.   
    I really liked the originality of the plot, no annoying love triangles,  a successfull romance that is not too cheesy.  humor was well done and was woven into the plot and did not seem forced. there weren't any annoying ecchi or fanservice either. a refreshing breather indeed

     Maybe it was because I did not have the HD version of the Anime but the art did not appeal to me much. not to say it was bad, I enjoyed the characer designs, especially the main character. For some reason i couldn't bring myself to aesthically like the main heroein,  I don't know why I felt her annoying tomboy friend was actually preetier than her.  I don't know if that was intentional or not. bassically what i am saying is that the art did not stand out, but it was acceptable, it is really the story and charater development that draw readers in. despite that i still think it was well animeated, fluid...

Characters 9.
    A high score is given because of the likability of the cast of the characters, whether it is Takigi's boldness,  Moritaka's determination. the surprising feminess of tomboy Miyoshi, The ecentricness of geniou mangaka Eiji Nizuma, and some others. almost all characters were well written and had great chemistry with each other. The two main characters go through development as their bonds and determination are tested.
Maybe not everyone  picked up on it, but I peticulary like how Asagi's personality seem more bold, almost like a different person when she is texting. I thought that was a nice touch and made her feel more realistic.

Overall  8
    Overall it was very enjoyable to watch, and very inspiring. I'm sure that many of us who had unfinished goals, or projects couldn't help but feel encouraged to keep working on it, I know I did. I recommend  to everyone,  even people accustomed to battle animes, they  might be surprised to see how fun this anime is to watch.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Goshin Jun 29, 2012

true but i think the characterization felt more real. maybe i just a appreciate the breather from the typical shounen archtypes

roriconfan Jun 4, 2012

The romance part is going nowhere and the way they can publish their work so easily is what makes this show hardly realistic.