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Cheers to the much needed closure these 26 episodes provided to Inuyasha fans.

     I rememeber when Inuyasha got cancelled and I franctically searched the interent for answers, back then I was still a noob :( . I waited and waited for information on when the series would resume but  I never got a satisying answer. I ended up having to read the manga chapters, back then it was incredibly hard to find (for me) and the quality wasn't that good anyways. So I was partly satisfied as I rushed the rest of the manga. however the feellings of satisfaction is nowhere near the feelings that rose after completing this anime.

     I felt they rushed a bit to get it over with, but I am sure that after waiting many years fans would not be able to control their impatience if the anime dragged on any further. Being older and wiser now, I realized as  fighting/battle anime  Inuyasha is not that great. maybe when I was younger the batles were cool but now i realize they were more like meh. disregarding the fighting aspect allowed me to really appreciate inuyasha for it's stronger points, which is story, and characters.  Through character development, and good storytelling themes such as  love, bonds, forgivness were well presented and left me with a  warm mushy feeling the manly me is  embarassed to admit.   A must watch for all inuyasha fans.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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