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Finnaly cought up to manga, I read from from chapter 143(Anime End) to 474.


      The plot of the manga is not that complicated, but it is consistent, despite being a bit slow, it has been 474 chapets and i don't quite see the end. of course there are manga much long but i believe the had more intricate plots

      The Story starts out with Keinichi your basic avarage geek with no physical talent, only love of books and gardening. he had a bullying problem huntill he met miu who introduced him to the Ryozanpaku masters. the agree to start training keinich in their respective styles, Juijitusu, karate, kungfu, mui thai, weapons, and i am not sure the style of the Elder.

      Thus Keinichi starts trainning and slowly gains confidence. conflcit starts out with simple delinquents, to street gangs, to a super powerfull organization  what i realy appreciate is that there weren't any random powerups for keinichi and he had to struggle through all of his battles.  When he does pull out a win it is believable because we see how the previous training led to rkeinichis sudden realizations and wins.

    The Story started out with keinichi's problems and fights, but slowly the masters started getting involved as well. I appreciated that because it meant the story does not revolve aroudn keinichi completely. but revolve around the feaud between Ryozanpaku and Yomi. all the masters seem to have a past involved with yomi. there are still some mysteries as the masters' past  continue to be revealed, as well as the mius circumstances and her father.


      I never know how to judge art for manga, because obviously the artist can draw...or else they wouldn't be a mangaka, of course some draw more than others. so author is definately better than kubo as there are backgrounds and landscapes :P. One thing i find different from other mangas, is that there aren't any super powers, only Keinichi's fights can actaully be followed on paper. the masters' fight are apperently to awesome and fast for even the author to draw properly. so a lot of special effects and blurs there. however we are supplied to explanations as to way we can't really see the punchs but only the "shockwave Orbits". never the less i am satisfied. author portrays the awesoness of masters adequately


     As this is shounen, I find the characters very simple but they are easily easy to love. the Author doesn't seem to forget them, and knows when to bring them out and make them shine. Keinichi being the main character is the strongest, however he is still not stronger than miu yet. the supporting cast improves as he does and are determined not to be left behind. (not like bleach or naruto). The masters are interesting in their own right. memerable characters for me are:

Takeda the boxer, very interesting characters who want to improve and keep with only boxing, not using kicks. he seem to be interested slightly in miu too, but as he is friends with Keinichi he does not voice his feelings.

Sigfried The Immortal is probably my favorite side characterr he, he is undying loyalty provides great comic relief. he fights using only counters and spinning. not too mention a great singer.

As for the masters, Sakaki the 100th Dan Brawler Karate master I believe is the most bad ass and the epitiome of Manliness, altoough probably not the strongest. he is also a great teacher that provides not only martial arts advice but real life advice as well.

we also have the Death God of Mui Thai, Apachai, a 2 meter mass of muscles a heart of gold who only know how to hold back his strenght for children and animals.

there are other interesting characacters but you will have to read the manga to get to know them, these were only my favorites


Not a bad manga, quiick read, plot is not too thick. if you like martial mangas and improvment through training,  might as well give this a read.

ps. sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes, kinda rushed this review

8/10 story
7/10 art
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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batmannoLuckysocks Nov 21, 2013

Oh 477, well either way my point stands.

batmannoLuckysocks Nov 21, 2013

Agreed. I'm at ch 433 and to find out you got to over 500 and he still isn't on Miu's level is annoying but understandable. You can't just say this kid with no talent is going to beat a chick training under the same masters her whole life (and she's improving too he notes). It will probably end with him confessing though once he is stonger than her/protects her in some major battle.