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KeatonKafei says...

oh, hi, hab grade erst gesehen, dass du mich als freund hinzugefügt hast =) kennen wir uns irgendwo her?

da du ja noch nicht soo lange angemeldet bist heiße ich dich mal nachträglich herzlich willkommen o/

eigentlich hatte ich vor, ne private nachricht zu schicken, aber entweder ich bin zu doof, die funktion zu finden, oder sowas gibts hier nicht Oo sorry for spamming your wall :3

Aug 2, 2010
Galadriel says...

Well i love to listen to other opinions but this time, its kinda wrong you see, compare Aki Sora with a real hentai taged show, a hentai is usually much more graphicaly explicit you know, they won't hesitate one revealing the genitals of the characters. Also hentai and mature are close but there are similarities as well, still mature anime shows are concidered borderline H and so is Aki Sora, aside from that it has an average story (if you;ve read the manga) but its much more explicit than the ecchi shows that we are used to. Listen to my advice and compare Aki Sora with a hentai tagged show, that should make you realize what is a hentai and what is not. Also i've seen alot more anime shows then you so seeing a girl and a guy having sex in a less explicit way thats sorta common in romantic shows, dramas or josei shows (in seinen as well but not that often). Mnemosyne is another example of a borderline H, the infamous Queen's Blade as well, Green Green (if you check the 13th episode), Genji Monogatari Sennenki (another one with sexual content) and the list goes on.

Jul 5, 2010