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  • lost far away... looking for a way to save his Dirty Hentai Soul...
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Just another loser, losing time, just like you...

Another one trapped by the power of Japan Empire.

Be ruled by the reviews and comments is not for me, every piece of art deserves to be judged by ourselves, in that process we can rediscover us and become better humans...XD

For the rest I'm just Another man in the path of finding the answer for what is the most really important on this wolrd, or in other words, just your average good-for-nothing all-talk and no-skills loser that enjoy having a computer with internet access for downloading anime-manga-games-music and movies, hopping that with all that stuff be capable to leave the sorrow and emptiness of the world behind, and be happy living in a utopic world of dreams filled with 2D crazy horny bishoujos, high tech(like saimin guns >:3), domestic violence and happiness... [just Joking XD]...

Really I am Just another one that loves losing time like this...LOL...

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wolfangel87 Apr 4, 2008

Welcome to Anime Planet!

Don't forget to come back and fill out your profile!  ^_^