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hello and welcome. if u are into MMA, traveling, culture/humans in general, history, dancing, and anime (surprise, surprise) then we have some things in common. feel free to follow me and i'll give u a follow as well. don't be shy. Hablo Español/puhun Suomea.


rating system for anime series and movies: 

rating system for OVAs and specials:

the traditional 0.5-5 star system. Enjoyment is the most important criteria and also continuity of the main series, if applicable. 

rating system for music videos:

there's an awesome club called "WECO"^^. we welcome new members to the site. it's a fun way to meet ppl on here.

Note: my timeline is as accurate as possbile, to the best of my memory. no cheating.

here's some gifs of anime i might be picking out next, from my very long "want to watch" list:

Dragonball summon

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sothis says...

I'm about a year behind on giving them (they have to be inputted manually) - I actually don't have a physical image set for 2013 yet so I'm not sure if the monthly ones will continue. Once the redesign goes up I hope to have more time to input the individual amounts

May 29, 2013
ButcherT says...

Hi you sent me a message 2 weeks ago and i noticed it only now.

Im from Lapua city and it is kind of far from Tampere.

Why wont you watch Naruto?

If you want to watch something manly check my list for manly animes

Apr 25, 2013
oblueknighto says...

Happy New Year.

The list order is incorrect. Pretty sure correct order would be:

1. Lelouch of the Rebellion

2. Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

3. Nunnally in Wonderland

4. Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito

The rest aren't really worth watching.

Jan 1, 2013
LadyXIV says...

Thanks for welcoming me to the site. :)

Dec 31, 2012
Daleheart says...

No badges yet. Secret Santana were revealed on the forums instead of private messages. Che h there to find yours. 

Dec 28, 2012