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Aug 22, 2011

The fastest growing sport in the world is solidifying itself in manga. Teppuu is an MMA student's delight. If one knows the industry it is apparent that much research as gone into this work as evidence by the many real life references to current stages for competition (I.E. subdhabi = Abu Dhabi Combat Club, G-Girl = Smack Girl or even JEWELS) and accuracy of positioning during fights/training. The story even touches on real life issuse with the mma world (I.E. lack of attention and sometimes funding female fighters recieve in comparison to male fighters and the need of some fighters to work a full time job dispite being on a world class level).

What Teppuu illistrates to the reader on a more personal level is the early life of a future MMA fighter. With the growth of the sport competitors get involved at a younger age thus, a new breed of fighter is born. Instead of martial arts "specialists" like Karatekas, Judokas, Kickboxers, Wrestlers, and Grapplers transitioning to MMA you have youth trained in all arts for a balanced and well rounded result. Follow the story of a new and well rounded fighter and you have Teppu.

In conclusion (and without spoilers), where Teppuu shines the most is its reflection of current MMA knowledge and character development provided by the result of martial arts being introduced to a person at a young and influencial age, and the fluidity of the artwork during fight/training sequences. Despite being his 1st manga and stating having early troubles with drawing motion, Mangaka Moare, Futada does an excellent job of making his action sequences flow as if to bridge the arts of manga and martial. Every aspect of the submissions and sweeps of the grappling, to the stances and strikes of Karate and Muay Thai is on point and realistic. Even the physical appearance of the characters is on par with the average Japanese Highschool male/girl and/or adult male/female (I.E. no Ecchi). Like watching girls fight? Teppuu.

9/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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