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Cowboy Bebop

Dec 25, 2012

Secret Santa Review...

Story: with an episodic format, a viewer can really just pick up and watch at their convinence. many episodes begin and conclude their individual plots. great for someone who has a busy schedule. each character does have at least an episoded dedicated to developing them, individually. there is loads of fun watching these characters get into trouble. this may seem rediculous to mention but the series does conclude itself while many other anime do not. 

Animation: very well drawn and realistic. no oversized body parts like many ecchi anime. opening sequence animation is a fun music video in itself. action sequences are fluid. a great standard even today. 

Sound: perhaps the best sellingpoint of the entire series. the soundtrack is a true gem. the opening song is super funky and fun wihile other titles during the action sequences excite the moment. the last song in the final episode also deserves honerable mention.

Characters: each character had developed by the end of the series with some background history episodes. all very likeable. one might argue that Ed is over the top with exagerated antics but there were enough breaks from each character in the series. 

Overall: a true classic. designed to be remembered and enjoyable. even after all the years since it's release, Cowboy Bebop remains a favorite amungst many. a true definition of a "must see".

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Aranneas Jan 2, 2013

there's very few anime I can understand giving a perfect ten, and bebop is one of them (though I personally don't agree :D)

very glad you got to enjoy this classic ^.^