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hate list

the moment i realized i hated Belldandy was the club scene where she is dancing with her hands insecurely folded like she was praying. moving on: can't stand that insecure nosebleeding interactions that some of these listed animes have. If someone gets naked in front of you, blood shouldn't flow to your nose, unless your smelling some sex pheromones. it should flow to your genitals! you should have a massive hard on, a pulsing vulva with the urge to act upon the God sent naked body in front of you. grow some balls or get out the my way because like Maroon 5, she will be loved!
  1. Aria the Animation
  2. Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge: Sore Yuke! Gedou Otometai
  3. DearS
  4. Ah! My Goddess TV
  5. Chobits
  6. Fruits Basket
  7. Kanokon
  8. Strawberry Panic