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as with all my lists. the visible (top 5) are in order. i dont care if this makes me sound like a softie but Lovely Complex completely melted my heart. school rumble series and FMP series brought me outrageous joy and laughter that has not been replicated via anime since. DBZ and Gundam Wing are here because they were like gateway animes, though i understand there are better ones out there of course. DBZ was the 1st anime i watched consciously knowing it was anime. 6 and on are not in any real order but are like honorable mentions.
  1. Lovely Complex
  2. School Rumble
  3. Full Metal Panic!
  4. Dragon Ball Z
  5. Gundam Wing
  6. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
  7. Voices of a Distant Star
  8. Berserk
  9. Outlaw Star