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Live Action to anime: supernatural societies

31 JAN

Continuing with the theme of "what live action may translate well to anime", we introduce the supernaturals. No i'm not refering to the Tv show turned anime "http://www.anime-planet.com/anime/supernatural-the-animation" but that is an exact example of what this blog is about. Just goes to show that this idea works. This month, we will talk about live action Tv shows with supernatural elements and characters. Shall we begin...

1)Twilight (franchise) - I wouldn't suggest this if people weren't already flirting with the idea on the internet. Youtube has a lot of fan trailers and there a bunch of fan art on the idea. There is a large cult following for this franchise. The Love triangle from Hell! Can a Vampire fall in love with it's own prey and fight the temptation to feed on it? If so then love truly knows no bounds. Oh, and there might be a certain arch Vampire enemy who thinks he's the better "man".

2) Underworld (franchise) - This one sparks the most interest for me personally. A human man, while unbeknownst to him, is being tracked by Lycans. In turn, the Lycans are also being tailed, by Vampires. From there, shit hits the fan.  Selene really bears a resemblance to Re-l Mayer from Ergo Proxy.  Let Shuko Murase take this project.

3) Nightwatch (franchise) - This is the highest grossing Russian movie release in history. aside from massive success in Mother Russia, it has gained international success as well. It's a classic struggle of good vs evil pitched to us in a world were a secret society, known as "Others", have been in conflict with eachother. With an uneasy truce in place, the good side watches the evil side at night and the evil side watches the good side during the day. This is how they maintain the peace until their "chosen one" comes and side with either good or evil thus, creating a majority.

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