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live action to anime wish list


heres a list of live action stuff that one day i would like to see made into an anime work. no real order. just for kicks :P if you see one that has already been made or have a suggestion, by all means...say something! Tags apply to at least 1 or more movie(s) mentioned.

Alien (franchise) - hell, throw Predator in there too!

Terra Nova - i know its a brand new show but i feel like something's there.

New Girl - harem/reverse harems are not my cup of tea but the show is kinda funny and the genre is big in anime.

Avatar - could at least make good OVA.

Enter The Dragon - why hasn't this been done?

Troy/Iliad - historical anime is done all the time. this fits the bill.

Ocean's 11 (1960) - This unfortunately could never happen since the members of the Rat Pack have died. They were involved with every media of their time. If they were around today perhaps anime too.

A Walk To Remember - i mention this because after doing some research (lmfao just wiki) i found that this movie was a surprise hit in Asia. Plus the book was good. movie was ok. something tells me the soundtrack for it could be used too. maybe J-Pop covers.

Tron - not that i like that sort of thing but i can see this being ecchi depending on who would get their hands on it. with that being said, i'd like to see what Peter Chung could do with a Tron anime.


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