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  • live action to anime wish list continued. Korean edition!

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live action to anime wish list continued. Korean edition!

25 OCT

Korean edition OOOO! sounds special ya? nah, all jokes aside, i found some interesting Korean movies than may translate well into anime. i picked these due to their success, plot, or just b/c i like them. booyah! The site tag apply to at least 1 of the movies if not more. no way to individualy tag each movie. feel free to comment. add to the list, suggest, disagree, or drop some hater juice. it's all good.

1) My Sassy Girl - the highest grossing Korean comedy of all time. that means this movie has more LOLz moments than Jenna Haze has had tube sandwiches for lunch. OR every other Korean comedy has blown more then Jenna. in reality, the movie was so sucessful, there was a 2008 American remake. great movie.

2) The Beast and the Beauty - Love is a saving grace for all who find it. to be excepted for who we are regardless of; physical appearance, income, or anything else superficial is an ultimate joy in life. ever heard the saying "what would you do for love"? it could also drive us mad. make us go to great lengths to accommodate our love interests'. How far will this man go? ever hear the saying, "love is blind", or "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"? There was nothing for her eye to behold, for she was was blind. literally. in both eyes... now go watch and animate it!

3)Friend - with many awards to it's resume, this move has given "My Sassy Girl" a fair share of competition. Power and greed is the destroyer of all things innocent. this movie follows the friendship of a group of kids who grew up together in the town of Busan. when they were young, this were cool: selling pages from nudie magazines, ass grabbing with some girls, getting into fights, brainstorming on rather a Korean Olympic athlete could outrace a sea turtle. then, life happens. did i mention, it's a semi-autobiography of the director/writer?

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