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Liberalleader Paul orkut out a Safer Colon majority government majority much acts it was on I so gotonly four only share guys it was a tweeter some I saw todaywell I I just came out aggressive or somethingtoday feel lisa ann arbor they just want some credit where it's due to theaudience or naughty when I i said i capital or nodding at me when I say that sorry Isee I didn't see that one wow sawyer get older you go stuff like thatits processing Cardinals harper's right of the larry is a 34percent right now are very low I'm hoping to see if we cango below 28 you can be any short for rise and the the young george bush'srecord of the call yeah has horsely on most on popularleaders ever but wasn't georgie down at likenine percent in just 20 solve 28 okay and there is an all-prothat might have been well go report warning tweeted something about that today sohe's in charge I would have to get him to check on our there was something I readour problems today IRA 12 what time is there 530 to make itthrough anything %uh so we're talking about your run .

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