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about me

...I am king. Bow before my awesome power....

Okay now seriously.. convert to the dark side, man.. it's so much fun here!

Everyone's equal (it's dark, you can't tell the difference..) except for me, of course... since I stand out in this hellish pool of noobness, ignorance and stupidity like the moon at night.

But enough about how awesome I am, let's talk about how minor you are compared to me~~.........

Anyway, aside from the fact that i bathe in darkness, malevolance, pestilence, anguish, melancholy, existentialism and arrogance, I'm a pretty nice guy ^^.

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October 26, 2008

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December 20, 2008

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Firenixzus avatar Firenixzus

Cool Top 5 Anime!

May 24, 2009

Nice top 5 list u got there.. Tho imo Slam Dunk is'nt that great ;P But that last 2 is okey.. ;P Drop by :D

Dawnshine avatar Dawnshine


Oct 28, 2008

Pssh wat nou bijna evenveel anime gekeken, ksta 300+ eps voor :P 'n gonna make the gap even bigger kukuku >:] How're things in your palace? Interessante bio mwaha xD

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