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FlameMonarch Feb 11, 2016

So what kind of job do you have?

I'm a cashier. I know, it's so posh. Don't be intimidated. I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like you. =)

FlameMonarch Feb 11, 2016

Yeah, as soon as I found out the people behind Yu Yu Hakusho made another anime, I knew I had to watch it! Yu Yu Hakusho is definitely my favorite shounen, and probably my favorite anime of all time! I actually started watching Hunter x Hunter 2011 on Netflix and forgot to update it on here. The english dub is pretty cringeworthy, though. Did you watch it dubbed or subbed?

Gurren Lagann isn't really my type of show. I had this friend who was big into anime and had a really weird sense of humor, and I watched a bunch of stuff for his benefit that I kinda regret (like 100s of episodes of Fairy Tail, FLCL, Space Dandy...). Gurren Lagann is that type of bizarre, random humor that he liked, and as soon as we stopped watching together I dropped it.

Drawing came out really bad, lol. I did it in graphite instead of charcoal, because that was allowed and I didn't want to mess with really smudgy materials. I did it in the 45 minutes before class, so it looks pretty rough, lol.

FlameMonarch Feb 10, 2016

I'm not really on here a lot anymore. College and work make me too busy. =\

Code Geass was one of the few anime me and my friend could agree on, but that was only after I coerced him into watching about three episodes. It really does get better as it goes, and is definitely worth a shot. I also see you have Wolf's Rain and Darker Than Black on your "Stalled" list. Not sure how you felt about those two shows to not continue them, but if you wanted a recommendation, I'd say give them another chance. =)

Also, the anime movie Wolf Children is pretty great if you wanted something shorter and don't mind shedding a fountain of womanly tears. T_T Well, got to do a full charcoal drawing in about an hour, so I gtg!

FlameMonarch Aug 17, 2014

Hey! It looks like we share a lot of the same tastes. =) Nice to meet you.