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story (6.5/10)- the story of the anime was quite confusing and took you a epsiode or 2 to really grasp what was going on. the choice of combining economics and fighting with weird creatures was unique but if you didnt really dontunderstand stuff like stocks and econmics you would really have a hard time understanding what exactly happened most of the time.

the fighting scenes are ok there not that detailed it seems like they have like 4 attacks and they randomy use whatever they feel like and eventually someone won. maybe it could have been better if they didnt rush the dang thing so they would have time to explain things a little better

animation (8/10)- i never usually judge an anime based on its animation i thought it looked nice enough and if you watch a lot of old animes like cowboy beepop you cant really complain either.
sound (9/10)- i thought the sound was nice enough the characters fit their voices and the opening and ending were good too. and as far as soundtrack there wasnt any thing that left an impression enought to review

characters (7/10)- it was your typical main character nice compared to every persons in the shows standard and showed mercy and tried to help everyone including his enemys etc etc.. the only charachter i liked was the masakaki guy cause i thought he was creppy looking and most of the other characters that u think might be important are just side characters with 4 lines in the whole show.
overall (7.5/10)- its waz all together a pretty good show if the plot intrest you its worth chekin out o and by the way this is my first review so if you have some constructiv critisism then comment oh and sry abou the bad quality of the review im not sure how to sepreate each part with those brown line things

6.5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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