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Hey! Thanks for glancing at my profile.


My Personal Rating System

5: perfect greatness, atleast 4 quality with something extra that matches my tastes

4.5: better than normal 4s but I didnt like as much as my favorites

4: great manga/anime! anyone interested in the genre should read or watch it!

3.5: a bit more unique than a normal 3, good but not overly great

3: average/bland not horrible but not particularly good. enjoyable if bored enough

2.5: really didnt like it, but other people might think it was good

2: really didnt like it, but other people might think it was enjoyable if bored enough

1.5: bad just bad

1: have no clue why this manga/anime exisit

0.5: am shocked I watched/read this long enough to rate it at all...

so basically anything above a 4 and below a 2 is 100% my bias opinion...

Life on anime

  • 8 Minutes
  • 21 Hours
  • 0 Days
  • 2 Weeks
  • 1 Months
  • 0 Years

Anime ratings

  • 5
  • 4.5
  • 4
  • 3.5
  • 3
  • 2.5
  • 2
  • 1.5
  • 1
  • 0.5

41 total

Life on manga

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  • 5 Hours
  • 1 Days
  • 3 Weeks
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Manga ratings

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  • 4.5
  • 4
  • 3.5
  • 3
  • 2.5
  • 2
  • 1.5
  • 1
  • 0.5

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TheMajor5 Jan 16, 2011

I had a big grin when i saw the last bit where you signed off with my nickname.  Oh the little things in life.

I have many a times been tempted into the allure of HSDK.  I am a huge fan of martial arts manga.  Not so much the realistic martial arts but the MA that incorporates crazy styles and all-powerful masters.  More or less I'm describing Veritas and The Breaker.  Holyland is pretty decent as well, but has a darker atmosphere to it.  Just saying, these three mangas are close to the top of my MA list.  And not to say the least, i am a guy and even though the huge rack through me off, I don't look the other way when faced with such a situation :D.

Also, good to know you remember OM.  Loved that site and dearly miss it.  Had such a great profile system where it kept track of what you read.  Have yet to find another site like it, though Somemangas is approaching and becoming more awesome.

I am not sure here Ginca.  The one thing i like about on-going manga is you are not expected to come to an end.  I mean that can be a negative of plus but i view the latter. When there is an and to a manga, im always wishing there was more to it, even though it had a justified ending to it.  Maybe i get this feeling from reading 90-some on-going manga :D.  I never feel any closure when i know there is an end to a manga where as when there is no end, i know i have another chapter to look forward to.  HA!  There are plenty of finished manga out there, half of them though are worth reading.  So if once a year is all you're looking for then i can at least give you one that is finished.  Shin Angyo Onishi, 666 Satan, Akumetsu, OR Suzuka.

Yes, read Berserk.  It will mend you soul and probably complete you in some way.

Mighty welcome.  I try to help in ways that make people that much smarter if possible.

(also, i tend to leave really long comments when i get to talking :D.)

TheMajor5 Jan 13, 2011

Someone actually read that blog O_O *astonished*.

First off, i'm glad you cracked up.  Reading it again, i thought it was pretty humorous. Since gawd-knows-when i wrote that blog, i have yet to read any more of the chapters to those series, Pastel, Ping, and GSuarus.  Hope you haven't either.  Never read HSDK but i do hear it's pretty good.  The girl on the front cover with a giant rack kind of threw me off a bit.

Though ginger, err i can't call you ginger, there must be another name to shorten you by.  Ginca works well (though pronouncing it Jinsa is better).  Alright Ginca, i have to disagree with your statement on 200+ chaps.  I can see you have read your fair share of high chap series but Piece?  Yes yes i know, i am another one of those OP fans.  WRong.  I am an OP supporter and am not a crazy obsessed fan.  I simply support OP and love it.  Anyways, it is like Fairy Tail.  You could also try Kimi No Iru Machi.  ORRRRRRR Suzuka.  Their shounen romance.  Suzuka is 260 some chapters and it has a great ending. Or...the best for last, Berserk.

What im getting at here is you should judge only what you have read and take my word on what i am saying here. lol  It all depends on how interesting the story is and i mean Pastel is just dragging it out.  No humans life is that boring.  Even a beggar has new experiences each day.

Anyways, good to meet you

kulomen Aug 28, 2009

happy birthday ;]

xXYoruichiXx Aug 28, 2009

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! ^_^

sothis Dec 22, 2008

Hello ^_^