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I would have preferred a better ending... Don't get me wrong! It was ended well, but... I just wish that more had happened. I wish that Alicia and Kashburn could have had more romance and gotten closer. And that Kashburn had dropped the maid - that would have been really nice.

Plus, it always seemed like the maid was setting up Alicia to get into trouble and as if she was trying to get rid of her or something. That wasn't addressed at all in the series and I think that it should have been!

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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sothis Jun 4, 2015

Heya, can you possibly update this to have more text about the manga? Right now it seems like it's just a commentary on the ending, which is basically a big spoiler that shows up in the manga entry as well XD

If you can make the review more focused on the manga itself - the art style, the story throughout, why the characters deserve a 10, etc, it would be more helpful for users (and would avoid a big spoiler in the preview text :) )

Basically it's good to assume that people will read your review BEFORE choosing to read the manga or not, so avoiding spoilers is usually a good thing (ie saying 'I wish it had ended differently' without details, rather than talking about the details)